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Master Aircraft Index By Manufacturer

last update 29 nov 04 / greg goebel

* The Air Vectors web pages cover a wide range of aircraft, and many of the documents discuss several related aircraft. This index provides a list by aircraft rather than document title as an aid to the reader.

The links are to the title section of the document that describes the aircraft. As in some cases multiple different aircraft are discussed in one document, that means that you may need to consult the document's table of contents to get to the specific item you are after.

Aircraft are listed by manufacturer, with a country code and type code tacked on to the end. The codes are generally obvious, but there is a key at the end of this file if not. Secondary indexes by Nation and Aircraft Type are also provided.

* Country codes:

   AR:  Argentina
   AU:  Australia
   CA:  Canada
   CN:  China
   CZ:  Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic
   DE:  Germany
   FR:  France
   IC:  international collaboration
   IT:  Italy
   JP:  Japan
   RU:  Russia / USSR
   SE:  Sweden
   SK:  South Korea
   TW:  Taiwan
   UK:  United Kingdom / Britain
   US:  United States
* Type codes:
   AW:  antisubmarine warfare / maritime patrol / airborne warning
   AL:  airliner
   BO:  bomber
   CL:  cargolifter transport
   FB:  flying boat
   FT:  fighter / interceptor
   HL:  helicopter
   RP:  reconnaissance platform
   ST:  strike / dive bomber / close support
   TR:  trainer
   XP:  experimental

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