Greg Goebel Email Page

* I have centralized my email contact mechanism to make it easier to block off spammers, as well as provide some friendly and useful information that might save you a bit of effort:

In particular, if you have one of the "frequently asked questions" that often arrive in my mailbox, such as requests for:

-- I can give the answers right away: no / I don't have them / Don't know / no clue -- and so on. To the extent that I have any information on such topics, you'll do as well or better by using the search engine on this site. If you are after any information that you can't find using the search engine, it is very unlikely I will be able to tell you myself, either. I'm really not a very good substitute for a search engine. If you still absolutely insist on sending me such queries anyway -- please people, this isn't productive. It's not. Trust me.

All that having been said -- thanks for bearing with me -- to send me email, just click on the link below:

This email address is temporary. It changes the first of every month.