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greg goebel / 100 folders & links as of 10 aug 04

* I maintain a set of links in an online bookmark utility. I once tried to build a page of links, but it proved too hard to maintain and I had to give it up. Not having a links page proved awkward, since it meant that I couldn't give links to sites that I thought were definitely worth a look, nor exchange links with others. The bookmark utility made the task much more convenient.

The links are divided into several folders, most prominently a "Hotlinks" folder of sites that I visit fairly often, along with folders on "Science", "SpaceTech", "Mil-Aviation", and so on. Most of the folders contain subfolders with subtopics, as well as usually a "Miscellaneous" folder for links that I don't visit often but still want to hang on to.

I try to keep the links up to date, though I don't check the "Miscellaneous" folders very often and some of those links may very well be broken.

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