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Greg Goebel / In The Public Domain

last update 30 nov 04 / greg goebel

* Public-domain writings on a range of subjects:

YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THIS SITE IS APPRECIATED! If you're a regular reader of this site, please be aware that I have, and hope to continue to, put a lot of effort into it. I'm not asking anyone to break the bank, but a little consideration every rare now and then is very welcome. You can contribute to the site through PayPal by clicking on the banner at the bottom of every page. Overseas readers can contribute in their national currency; PayPal will perform the currency conversion. shoppers can also help support the site by using the link on this page; I get a percentage off of everything sold using that link. Finally, this site is supported by Google's Adsense advertising, and I get a few pennies every time somebody uses an advertising link. I am not encouraging anybody to simply hit on the ads to drive up the count -- that's ripping off the advertisers, and since they are fair with me I would rather you didn't do that -- but at least take a look at them when you're surfing through the site to check to see if there's something interesting there for you.

* RIGHTS & RESTRICTIONS TO MATERIALS ON THIS SITE: All written materials on this site are in the public domain. This is not true for all the bitmap images on this site, since many of them are images provided by other sources, and I have no rights to authorize their use by others.

I have, however, created a fair number of my own images to support documents on this site, and they are in the public domain. They are all marked with "GVG / PD" in unobtrusive text, and are consolidated here if you would like to survey them.

Feel free to repost or reuse all public-domain materials from this site, though crediting the source and providing a link to this site would be very much appreciated. If you do use any of the graphics, please download them and repost them; "hotlinking" uses up my bandwidth, which is getting scarcer all the time, and I have locked it out. If you repost any of the documents, please make sure you include the revision code so out-of-date versions can be recognized.

Be aware that you may on rare occasions find documents with a revcode date placed in the near future. These documents should be considered preliminary as they may change without notification up to that date. For further background information on this site, check the "Updates, Stats, Personal Info" link above.

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